Multiple animated series from Digital Television Russia to air on HBO Max

Digital Television Russia Group is expanding the broadcasting geography of its projects. Three animated series will soon be available in Latin America, the Caribbean and Central America. The deal was struck on the last day of the world’s biggest content markets MIPCOM and MIPJunior.

In October, the HBO Max streaming platform will release animation shows Be-be-bears, Leo & Tig, and Cutie Cubies, created by Parovoz Studio and commissioned by Digital Television Russia. The cartoons have been translated and fully adapted into several languages like Spanish, Portuguese and English.

WarnerMedia Latin America acquired the rights to broadcast these popular animated series on HBO Max in the region through a deal struck with DTR. 

The animation series Be-be-bears features funny stories about two bear cubs: Bucky and Bjorn. Along with the bear cubs, children learn about the world around them, get acquainted with a wide variety of subjects and how they are made, go fishing, climb trees, investigate the world, collect honey, read books and even fly to the moon!

Leo & Tig is about a little leopard – Leo, a young tiger – Tig, and their friends. The life of animals is full of adventures, where they always emerge victorious, overcoming their fears and helping each other. They are interested in everything, encounter unusual natural phenomena, solve riddles, and come to the aid of those in need. 

The Cutie Cubies project is a story about four alien-cubes who get stuck on Earth after their Cubo-ship crashes. Here they meet a girl named Lily, and together they must face many of life’s most simple situations. Thanks to the inexhaustible optimism of the Cubies, even the most boring things become a really fun game and quite a show.

Millions of European children first met Be-be-bears at the end of 2017, when HBO Europe began showing the popular Russian animated series. The HBO Europe television network includes 10 TV channels broadcasting in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Additionally, earlier this year, Be-be-bears and Leo & Tig became available in Poland, Spain, Israel and South Korea.