Secret Invasion’s Samuel L. Jackson Confirms Filming Is Underway

Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson confirms that filming has begun on the upcoming Disney+ miniseries Secret Invasion.

Samuel L. Jackson confirmed that filming is underway for Secret Invasion.

Posting to his Instagram, the Nick Fury actor revealed that he was ready for his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the new Disney+ miniseries. Wearing a t-shirt depicting Nick Fury’s death during the Blip, Jackson said in the caption, “Time to get back in the groove. Happy to be back on the attack!” The actor also tagged the photo with #secretinvasion and #backwithafury, much to the excitement of his followers.

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Early production for Secret Invasion began in August and the six-episode miniseries is set to premier on Disney+ in 2022. It is loosely based on the 2008 Marvel Comics event of the same name, which focused on Earth being infiltrated by the Skrulls, an alien race of shape-shifters who previously appeared in Captain Marvel. Early reports on the television series suggest that it will also heavily feature elements of spies and espionage, something that is supported by the appearance of a Skrull in a WandaVision mid-credits scene.

In addition to Jackson’s Nick Fury, Secret Invasion will bring back Captain Marvel actor Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, a Skrull who formed an alliance with the Earth. They are joined by Emilia Clarke, Christopher McDonald and Olivia Colman, who will be making their MCU debuts in undisclosed roles. Despite her character’s involvement in the original comic book series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress Chloe Bennett announced that she will not be returning as Quake for the show.

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Though he was recently featured in Marvel’s What If…?, Nick Fury has not been seen in live-action since 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. Jackson has been very vocal about his excitement for Secret Invasion and previously teased a reunion with Captain Marvel‘s Brie Larson, who played an important part in the Skrulls’ survival during the events of her own film. However, it remains to be seen if that team-up will play out in Secret Invasion or somewhere else in future MCU projects.

Before Secret Invasion arrives in 2022, Marvel has a slew of new projects coming to Disney+, with the next series being Hawkeye, which will launch with a two-episode premiere on Nov. 24, 2021. Following that, other planned shows include Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel, as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special shortly afterwards, though none of these projects have announced their release dates at this time.

Secret Invasion has yet to receive a premiere date.

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