Alice in Borderland cast | Full list of actors and characters

If you’re not traumatised enough by Squid Game and are looking for another survival thriller to get stuck into, look no further than fellow Netflix original series Alice in Borderland.

Based on a popular manga, which is finally getting an English translation early next year, the series follows listless gamer Arisu and his friends after they are transported to a surreal abandoned version of Tokyo.

From there, they are enlisted to compete in a series of deadly games, with victory being essential in order to extend their “visas” in this frightening new world.

Like fellow subtitled dramas Squid Game and Money Heist before it, Alice in Borderland has attracted an international audience which is sure to only grow as we near closer to season two.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast and characters in the Netflix show.

Kento Yamazaki plays Ryōhei Arisu

Arisu in Alice in Borderland on Netflix


Who is Arisu? Arisu is a young man with no direction in life. His relationship with his family has become strained, he has no career and he’s absolutely obsessed with video games. He has two friends, Chota and Karube, who are both drawn into the deadly game with him.

What else has Kento Yamazaki been in? Yamazaki is known for starring in the Japanese version of The Good Doctor (the English-language iteration features Freddie Highmore). He also played L in the live-action Japanese adaptation of hugely popular manga series Death Note.

Tao Tsuchiya plays Yuzuha Usagi

Usagi in Alice in Borderland on Netflix


Who is Usagi? Usagi followed in the footsteps of her late father by becoming a mountain climber, an ability that has allowed her to develop great physical and mental strength – which will be handy when she’s drawn into the deadly games.

What else has Tao Tsuchiya been in? Tsuchiya is known for fellow manga adaptations such as My Little Monster, Kasane: Beauty and Fate, and Waiting For Spring. She has also appeared in other recent feature films like Food Luck and The 8-Year Engagement.

Yūki Morinaga plays Chōta Segawa

Chota in Alice in Borderland


Who is Chōta? Chota is a good friend of Arisu and Karube, who shares their general aimlessness in life. He’s only really happy when hanging out with them, but their friendship is put to the test when they are forced to compete in life or death contests.

What else has Yūki Morinaga been in? Morinaga’s recent projects include romantic comedy Kyouen NG and action thriller Two Weeks.

Keita Machida plays Daikichi Karube

Karube in Alice in Borderland


Who is Karube? Karube was working as a bartender in the days leading up to the games, but was ultimately fired after being caught having an affair with the lover of his boss. He’s no stranger to a fight and is quite capable of sticking up for himself, but these deadly challenges will be unlike anything he has ever faced.

What else has Keita Machida been in? Machida has also featured in several other manga adaptations including Wasteful Days of High School Girls, Cherry Magic and L-DK. Earlier this year, he appeared in historical drama Reach Beyond The Blue Sky, which chronicles the life of Japanese industrialist Shibusawa Eiichi.

Nijirō Murakami plays Shuntarō Chishiya

Chishiya in Alice in Borderland


Who is Chishiya? Chishiya is another contestant who is hoping to uncover the secrets behind the strange contest, crossing paths with Arisu and Usagi along the way.

What else has Nijirō Murakami been in? Murakami has previously starred in critically acclaimed films including Palme d’Or competitor Still The Water and Wes Anderson’s animated film Isle of Dogs.

Sho Aoyagi plays Aguni Morizono

Morizono in Alice in Borderland


Who is Aguni Morizono? Aguni is a strong fighter who proves himself to be a formidable opponent in several games.

What else has Sho Aoyagi been in? Earlier this year, Aoyagi starred in yakuza drama Last of the Wolves. He has also been featured in Yakuza Apocalypse, Ju-On: The Beginning of the End and the High & Low film series.

Ayaka Miyoshi plays Ann Rizuna

Rizuna in Alice in Borderland


Who is Ann? Ann is a competitor in the games who stands out for her calm and collected persona, which holds even in the most perilous of situations.

What else has Ayaka Miyoshi been in? Miyoshi has recently appeared in Japanese action flick Inuyashiki as well as musical Dance With Me.

Dori Sakurada plays Suguru Niragi

Niragi in Alice in Borderland


Who is Niragi? Niragi is a the leader of a group of fighters based on Borderland refuge The Beach. He has a complicated past and this sometimes causes him to lash out.

What else has Dori Sakurada been in? Sakurada previously appeared in another Japanese Netflix original series titled Atelier, as well as the memorably titled romantic drama film Let Me Eat Your Pancreas.

Aya Asahina plays Hikari Kuina

Kuina in Alice in Borderland


Who is Kuina? Kuina is a former shop clerk who now finds herself surviving in Borderland, getting by as an associate of Chishiya.

What else has Aya Asahina been in? Asahina played the lead role in airline drama Runway 24, as well as drama series Girl Gun Lady.

Shuntarō Yanagi plays Takatora Samura / The Last Boss

Alice in Borderland – Last Boss


Who is The Last Boss? First encountered at The Beach, the Last Boss is a suspiciously quiet figure who is covered in unusual tattoos.

What else has Yanagi been in? Yanagi appeared in 2017’s live-action Japanese film based on the Tokyo Ghoul anime series, reprising his role for the 2019 sequel.

Nobuaki Kaneko plays Takeru Danma / Hatter

Hatter in Alice in Borderland


Who is Hatter? Hatter is the founder of Borderland’s utopian settlement The Beach, drawing in many residents with his undeniable charisma.

What else has Nobuaki Kaneko been in? Kaneko previously starred in Japanese drama Followers, which was also released on Netflix, and performs as the drummer in alt metal band Rize.

Riisa Naka plays Mira Kano

Mira in Alice in Borderland


Who is Mira? Mira is an elegant woman and another inhabitant of Borderland, who always has a smile on her face.

What else has Riisa Naka been in? Prior to starring in Alice in Borderland, Naka was a regular cast member in Yell, a drama series broadcast on Japanese television network NHK.

Ayame Misaki plays Saori Shibuki

Shibuki in Alice in Borderland


Who is Shibuki? Shibuki explains the rules of the Borderland to Arisu and his friends, being one of the first people they meet there.

What else has Ayame Misaki been in? Misaki is probably best known for appearing in the 2015 live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan, a popular manga and anime franchise.

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