5 Marvel Characters Beanie Feldstein Would Be Perfect To Play

At 28 years old, Beanie Feldstein has already led one of the most exciting and promising careers of her generation in Hollywood (from her supporting role in the acclaimed sleeper hit Lady Bird, to her dramatic turn in the Impeachment: American Crime Story cast as Monica Lewinsky) and all while staying relatively quiet about being Jonah Hill’s younger sister. In fact, at this point, I would say that she has a pretty good shot at beating her Academy Award-nominated brother to the punch of starring in any superhero movies – unless you count the time he voiced Green Lantern in The LEGO Batman Movie

If you do count that one, then Feldstein at least has a shot at being the first in her family to act in the Marvel movies, and I have a few characters in mind for her to play, including one that would allow her to re-team with her Booksmart director, Olivia Wilde.

Spider-Woman's niece Rebecca Marchand

(Image credit: Marvel)

Rebecca Marchand